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Brad R. Tuttle

HOW NEWARK BECAME NEWARK: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American City

(Rivergate Books, an imprint of Rutgers University Press, 2009)

Here, the story of one of America’s most maligned cities is told in all its grit and glory. With its open-armed embrace of manufacturing, Newark, New Jersey, rode the Industrial Revolution to great prominence and wealth that lasted well into the twentieth century. In the post-war years, however, Newark experienced a perfect storm of urban troubles-political corruption, industrial abandonment, white flight, racial conflict, crime, poverty. Cities across the United States found themselves in similar predicaments, yet Newark stands out as an exceptional, infamous case. Its saga reflects the rollercoaster ride of Everycity, U.S.A., only with a steeper rise, sharper turns, and a much more dramatic plunge.
How Newark Became Newark is a fresh, unflinching popular history that spans the city’s epic transformation from tiny Puritan village into a manufacturing powerhouse, on to its desperate struggles in the twentieth century and beyond.

“Finally, with Brad R. Tuttle’s How Newark Became Newark, we have an exceedingly fresh and bold historical narrative that once dignifies the city’s complicated past and informs what must be known about its tenacity and endurance. Not since John Cunningham’s Newark has any author contributed so mightily to our understanding of Newark’s importance to American urban history.” — Dr. Clement Alexander Price, professor of history, Rutgers University, Newark

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Brad R. Tuttle is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, where he was a student in Samuel G. Freedman’s acclaimed Book Writing Seminar. He is the author of The Ellis Island Collection: Artifacts of the Immigrant Experience … READ MORE > >